What are e-Cigs?

Everthing you need to know about E-Cigarettes.

An Electronic Cigarette (e-cig) is a battery-powered cigarette that delivers doses of nicotine by way of a vaporizing a solution (E-Liquid). It is an alternative to tobacco products, such as cigarettes, cigars, and pipes. As well as delivering nicotine, the vapour produced by a modern electronic cigarette (e-cig) also provides a flavour and sensation like that of a conventional cigarette. You can almost be forgiven for forgetting that no smoke or burning is actually involved in its operation.

How do they work?

All electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) consist of 3 basic components:echodjexp

  • The battery: e-cigs use re-chargeable lithium batteries. Tucked inside the battery is a switch that is triggered when the user inhales or power is manually applied, dependent upon e-cig type. When triggered the battery sends a charge to the atomizer. Electronic cigarettes generally use a lithium-ion rechargeable battery to power the electronic cigarettes (e-cigs) heating element. Battery life varies depending on frequency of use, and operating environment. Many different battery and battery chargers are available in our shop, wall outlet, car, and USB.
  • The Clearomiser /Atomizer/Tank: This is where all the work of the electronic cigarette is done. The atomizer consists simply of a heater coil which is wound around a high temperature capillary wick. The wick; dependent upon the type of atomizer will be connected to the source of fluid to provide a continuously ‘wetted wick’. When power is applied to the coil and air is drawn across the wick wound coil, the fluid soaked wick is heated, providing atomised heated vapour to the user. The Clearomiser / Tank is the part that holds the e-liquid, this can be refilled when necessary. The heating element serves to vaporize the liquid in the mouthpiece so that it can be inhaled. This component is referred to as an "atomizer". There are many different types of Cleaomisers on the market with different designs and qualities, we only stock and sell products that we have tried and tested. So just to be straight the Clearomiser is the outer container that holds the E-Liquid and the atomizer.
  • The drip tip: This is where you will suck the vapour from.