Jacks e-Liquid

Jacks E-Liquid is made in the UK and is fully compliant with the EU Tobacco Products Directive or the (TPD).

We are pleased to be able to offer the Jacks E-Liquid brand here at Myvaping and you can be sure that as Jacks launch new flavours and strengths we will adding them to our list. Jacks E-Liquids are ahead of the game ensuring that all their E-liquids are fully compliant with all the new TPD regulations that are being introduced, this makes Jacks E-Liquids one of the safest E-Liquids availble to buy on-line in the UK to date.

This note only applies to Jacks 11mg.

Jacks have now switched manufacturing plants to a much better plant and have changed to 12mg, so in some flavours we have only 11mg in some we have only 12mg and in some we have both 11mg & 12mg, so far this has not caused any problems as the tolerance allowed is +/- 1mg. So you may get 11mg or 12mg and in some cases both, hope you can understand.


What Strength E-Liquid should I go for ?
Cigarettes Smoked E-Liquid Strength
All of our E-Liquids are genuine Jacks E-Liquid      



0-5 per day None - 0mg
5-10 per day Low - 3mg & 6mg
10-15 per day Medium - 12mg
15-25+ per day High - 18mg

e cig 1 E-Liquids are not suitable for anybody under the age of 18. Keep E-Liquid cartridges and E-Liquid fluids out of reach from children.