Hangsen e-Liquids

Hangsen are the only manufacturer truly using natural ingredients in their e-liquids, so the product gives the tasting sensation of cigarette smoking, without any of the harmful elements in regular cigarettes. Hangsen E-liquid is classified in four kinds of flavours: Hangsen Tobacco, Hangsen Mint, Hangsen Fruit and Hangsen Drinks. Hangsen E-liquid is being used by10 million consumers in over 35 countries. The range of Hangsen products stocked by Myvaping is growing and we shall be adding new Hangsen flavours as they become available.


What Strength E-Liquid should I go for ?
Cigarettes Smoked E-Liquid Strength
All of our E-Liquids are genuine Hangsen E-Liquid



0-5 per day None - 0mg
5-10 per day Low - 3mg & 6mg
10-15 per day Medium - 12mg
15-25+ per day High - 18mg

e cig 1 E-Liquids are not suitable for anybody under the age of 18. Keep E-Liquid cartridges and E-Liquid fluids out of reach from children.